Feels So Good

Juan came over to pick up Chloe Brooke because they had a nice getaway trip planned. She told him it wasn’t going to happen. Her dad was home and grounded her for bad grades in school. Juan begged and pleaded his case for her affection. Chloe broke down and snuck out the window against her dad’s will. They were on their way as Chloe got into a playful mood. She flashed him and then reached over to get a hold of his cock. After her mouth was wrapped around his dick, he couldn’t think of anything else but pulling over and fucking her tight body. He found a little secluded spot off the main road, so popped open the back and got it on. She laid back as Juan got her pussy jumpstarted with his tongue. She got a second round on his dick before he slid it in her moist box. They continued to fuck each other while traffic wasn’t to far off. After a few positions in her tight pussy, he got up and unloaded in her mouth and all over her face which oozed down onto her chest. He made a mess of her face, but she still loved it.

Feels So Good starring Chloe Brooke

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